When working with cases in Followit we find it essential for you to have a general idea of the process at hand and what needs to be done to complete such process before creating a case. If the process requires multiple related tasks to be accomplished by different players, you might have a use for case branching.

Case Branching allows you to create child (or secondary) cases related to a parent (or original) case. With such a feature you can manage and centralize all efforts when working on a complex process while maintaining all related information connected and accessible.

The Process

A good example for case branching would be a Marketing Campaign. Once you have the plan in place and approved (which can be managed and documented in a case within Followit) you will need to request budget approval, content creation, service payments, execution, result analysis among other steps that need to be identified, delegated and completed by a team of people from different areas and expertise.

The Best Approach

A good approach to work on this process in Followit would be to create a primary case, lets say “Execute the Taxmania 2016 Marketing Campaign”. In this case you would include a summary and a main scope of work. Once you have the parent case, you can start creating branch cases out of the original case. Using the same primary case example, some branch cases could be for image creation, social media content creation, email campaign, and adwords. A branch case can also be created to send to other departments such as administration for budget approval or accounting to process a payment. 


By creating these branch cases you will keep a centralized, documented, and organized marketing campaign process that you can manage and reference anytime.

The Not So Good Approach

In most cases, your instinct will guide you to create a separate case for each of the steps. This is not a wrong approach, but by doing it this way you might end up going through more work because you’ll have to write the summary of what the initiave is for each case you send to others with tasks that are related to the same process. If you create a Parent case, every branched case will be able to see the original case for reference and understand why and what you’re asking of them.

To learn more about how Case Branching works in Followit, visit our Academy and reference the Case Branching Quick Guide