Quick Guides

Desktop App Configuration
You can now download and use Followit directly from your windows desktop using the Followit Desktop App. This new feature makes Followit even more accesible and easy to use. By working with the Followit Desktop app you can:
  • Receive notifications directly in you windows notifications.
  • Pin the Icon to your windows taskbar and keep the alert counter visible at all times.
To download and configure the app follow these steps:
1. Visit the Followit Apps website (http://www.followit.com/followitapps).
2. Click on the Download Followit button to initiate the setup download process.

3. Once the setup downloads, click on the .exe file to run the Followit Desktop App Installation.


Once the App is installed, you will be prompted with the evironment connection window. Please provide your environment alias here and click continue. Your alias is the first portion of your environement’s URL address. For example: cegsoft.followit.com, cegsoft is the alias.


Once configured and connected to your environment, you can start working in Followit without  having to open your browser of choice.

Note: When you minimize or exit the application without signing off, the application will continue running in the background. This will allow you to receive desktop notifications and easily continue working when you open the application again.